Sometimes, all you need is a basic insurance policy. Our car and home cover is perhaps more comprehensive than some, but there are still some areas that aren’t included as standard. In these instances, you may wish to consider add-ons. 

To get a better idea of how it all works, let’s take a look at a standard buildings insurance policy from Insure4Retirement. Homeowners can expect all the usual levels of cover, including against flooding, fire and impact as well as some which are perhaps a little less common, such as riot and subsidence protection. But while these help to cover the bricks and mortar, what about protecting your way of life?

By and large, add-ons will only ever relate to certain individuals. That is, after all, why they are not simply included as standard. So to give you an insight into what is available and in which circumstances they may be required, here are some of our most popular options along with a little explanation as to what each one can offer.

Home Emergency

The home really can be a very delicate ecosystem. As long as everything is working, life can continue as normal. However, what happens if something goes wrong? Whether your heating system has broken down in the middle of winter or your home has developed a sudden pest problem, it is important that the issues are dealt with swiftly.

Invariably though, emergency repairs come at a cost. This is where Home Emergency cover can really help.

Rather than having to arrange for engineers, plumbers or exterminators to visit your property or worrying about expense, you can simply hand all the hassle over to your insurer. So if you need a little extra peace of mind or would simply rather not have to deal with any such emergencies on your own, this is an add-on could really pay dividends.

Broken Bones Cover

As we all get older, the risk of suffering a broken bone as a result of an accident or fall increases greatly. Recovery can also take longer, requiring a good deal of care and rehabilitation.

Broken bones cover can provide a benefit amount towards enabling you to get on with your life and paying for extra help that you may need at this time. Obviously it would be nice if you never needed to use it, but this type of cover is perfect for anyone who worries about the implications of an immobilising injury.

Garden Secure Cover

If you take great pride in your garden and have invested heavily in plants and outdoor furniture, the last thing you want is to see it spoilt by inclement weather, vandalism or theft. While Garden Secure Cover won’t be able to compensate you for any emotional or time investment, it can at least ensure that you are not left out of pocket.

Therefore this is the perfect add-on for those who really make the most of their outdoor space and do not wish to see it ruined. We can provide compensation up to £750, which should go some way to replanting damaged flowerbeds or replacing stolen furniture.

Golf and Angling Cover

We wrote about this in more depth recently (How to Protect Your Golf and Angling Equipment), but unsurprisingly this add-on is designed specifically for golfers and anglers. With the cost of equipment often reaching four figures, particularly at the higher end, damaging or losing clubs and rods could prove to be extremely costly without adequate cover.

If your TV and jewellery are susceptible in your own home, then the same is certainly true of sports equipment when you are out and about. So for a little extra peace of mind, Golf and Angling Cover are the perfect remedies.

Matching Sets Cover

If you have installed a bespoke kitchen or bathroom suite, then it may not always be possible to find a like-for-like replacement should a single work surface or cupboard be irreparably damaged. So rather than making do with an inferior replacement, you could instead use your Matching Sets Cover to replace all of the units.

With cover up to £10,000, even the highest specification kitchens and bathrooms could be replaced almost entirely. So this is certainly one for those who take real pride in their homes and have invested a great deal in achieving the perfect look.

Car Rescue and Breakdown Cover

Those that are reliant on their vehicle or tend to cover great distances for work or leisure activities may wish to bolster their cover with a range of add-ons. One popular addition is Car Rescue and Breakdown Cover.

Breaking down at the side of the road and finding yourself stranded miles away from home can be a dispiriting event, to say the very least. This is only worsened if you do not have breakdown coverage, meaning you are reliant on local companies who may charge hundreds just to remove your car from the road.

So incorporating this within your car insurance policy, along with legal cover and any other add-ons, could well prove to be a worthwhile investment.


Add-ons may be viewed as a bit of a luxury, and in many regards they are. There is no legal imperative to insure your golf clubs or the plants in your garden, but if you value those items and do not wish to be left picking up the pieces if they are damaged or stolen, it is reassuring to know that protection is available.

This safety net is employed by thousands of people every year. Again, most would prefer to never have to make a claim, but life often has a way of surprising us when we least expect it. So if you are looking for a little extra cover, it should come as a welcome relief to know that it is available – but only if you want it.