Everyone likes to save money, especially in times of financial difficulty, and there are a number of ways you can do this. Savings in all areas, even if it’s not a great amount, will add up over time; so there’s no point taking the attitude of ‘Oh it doesn’t matter, it’s only a couple of quid.’

If you start to save now, then you will have extra money to spend on the finer things in life in the future. So start straight away and in one key area where you can save money  – improving your home’s security.

The reason for this is simple – improve the security of your home and not only are you making it a safer place to live, you could also save money by reducing your annual home insurance premium. That’s because insurers reward those who take steps to reduce the level of risk. So just as they will often provide discounts for drivers who park their car in a secure garage overnight, similar discounts will be provided to homeowners who tighten security through stronger locks and the installation of an alarm. As a result of this, your premium can drop, leaving you with more money in your pocket.

Simple steps to better home security

The first step is to walk around the home and spot any areas that need to be improved. Look at all of the places where thieves could potentially enter; treat it as a quick safety review of your home. If you spot any weak areas then these will need to be looked at straight away. Accessing the locks on doors and windows is a good place to start. Are they secure, including the back door, garage door and even the locks on the garden shed? If any door feels like it could be broken down due to a poor quality lock then replace it immediately.

The second step to think about installing a camera on the outside of your home. This is a positive move in increasing security and deterring criminals. It might cost a fair bit to buy the camera and have it installed; however, it should provide ongoing peace of mind that if anything happens, there is a good chance you have captured footage of the incident. Again, this acts as an indicator to your selected insurance provider that you have taken the time to enhance the security levels of your home, so there is a chance they might reduce your premium.

The third step is to review your garden. Are there any places where people could enter from a separate location? If so, erect fences to make your property as difficult to enter as possible. This will enhance your privacy and protection. It’s probably going to be easier to do this in the back garden rather than the front, although there are measures you can install in both such as gates.

The fourth step is the installation of an alarm system. The flashing light that many emit is enough to deter most potential intruders, whilst the noise once triggered should make them think twice as it alerts the whole neighbourhood to their presence.

The fifth step you should consider is security lighting. When installed in your front and back garden it helps to reduce crime because of the threat of anyone getting spotted. If you add these extra features to your home and make sure that your house is as secure as it can, be then you will reduce the risk of a break in and potentially reduce your home insurance premium too; a win-win situation. Make sure you are thorough with your checks and once they are complete, review your home insurance policy.

Note: Insure4Retirement has issued this guide for information purposes only regarding what could be available on a home insurance product. No advice is being offered as to the suitability of any policy to a person’s own personal circumstances.