Home insurance is something that we should all have in place. It protects us if certain eventualities arise and also reassures us that we don’t have to pay out the full amount for damages in such an event. Failing to have the insurance in place in the first instance will only cause worry and even stress if something does happen, so you’re better off having insurance from the start.

Home insurance will obviously cover you for damage to your home, although there are less well known types of cover, too. Reading the terms and conditions when you first take out any insurance will allow you to fully understand what exactly is covered under your policy. In addition, all insurers will have different types of cover, so it’s worth asking about what they can offer before you buy. With this in mind, let’s take a look at what your home insurance could cover.

1. Boiler cover

Picture the scene; you return home from work to find that there is a problem with your boiler. Not only could this potentially be dangerous, but you will, no doubt, want to get the problem looked at straight away. If you have boiler insurance, you may be covered for parts and labour, call out charges, and inspections. Therefore, make sure you take out the correct policy for the cover you need to ensure you’re not out of pocket in such an event. Also make sure you know exactly what is covered on your monthly or annual premium.

2. Garden cover

Are you one of those people who loves spending time in the garden? Did you know that some home insurance policies will also cover you for any damage to fences, gates, hedges and trees that lie within the boundaries of your home. This can be extremely useful during harsh weather conditions, for example, as any damage to your garden can be covered and restored to a  healthy state.

3. Contents

Home insurance can cover external damage to the building you live in under your existing policy and cover contents as well. Review your existing or any potential policy to work out the exact value of the contents that you are covered for. Do ensure you are insured for all those essential, valuable and treasured items around your home. Insurance is there to help you if your belongings are damaged or stolen, so make sure you have the right home and contents insurance in place to protect you and your possessions.

4. Plumbing and drainage

As you probably know, it can take time as well as money to sort a plumbing problem. So why not protect yourself with plumbing and drainage cover to ensure you get rapid help in unfortunate situations. With the right insurance in place you may be covered for the labour and costs for parts, as well as any inspections that need to be carried out.

5. Broken bones cover

Finally, broken bones cover can also be taken as part of your home insurance policy. Say you are in your front garden and you slip on a frozen path and break a bone. Broken bones protection as part of your home insurance would mean you’d have the right cover in place to help you. Such cover is designed to help you financially as you may be unable to perform certain tasks, such as housework for example, and the cover will enable you to employ help until the pain and damage heals.