When you finally come to retire, you might ask yourself what you should be doing with all of the spare time you now have at your disposal. Well fear not, this is something a lot of people need to consider at this time in life, as they make the transition from full-time work.

Time is now essentially yours to do what you want with it. But if you are coming up to – or already enjoying – retirement, then here are some more ideas to help you spend your time wisely.


Why not spend time with the loved ones? If you have grandchildren then now is a perfect time to look after them or go and visit them more often. Alternatively, if this is not an option, why not take this opportunity to visit your family or friends in other parts of the country? It’s important, in any case, to interact and socialise with people on a regular basis to keep your mind active. So, start thinking about who you haven’t seen in a while and then arrange to meet up.

Join clubs

When you retire, if you have a few hobbies and keen interests then you have the chance to pursue them more keenly and even join local clubs. Sports, gardening, teaching or learning, whatever it may be, joining a club allows you to socialise and meet new people. In addition, you can try your hand at new hobbies and activities that you’ve maybe never had the time or inclination to do previously. Look to see which clubs are running in your local area. Alternatively, think about the kinds of hobbies you would like to be involved in before searching for locations.

Play sport

Playing sport is a great way to stay healthy, keep fit, and stay active. Any sport is good for you, so whether it’s golf, swimming, tennis or badminton, retirement allows you to play the game on a much more regular basis than if you were in work. Even if you have other priorities and you don’t find a lot of time to play sport, partaking in just 30 minutes on a regular basis will be good for you. Now’s the time then to get out on the green or jump into the pool to stay active, fit and healthy.


If you never had the chance to when you were younger, now might be an ideal time for you to travel and see more of the world. You don’t have to go far, you might decide to only go to places further afield from where you live in the UK or to selected destinations in mainland Europe. Either way, if you have the time available and you wish to visit other places, then start packing and look forward to enjoying. Obviously, if you decide to do this for a long period of time then it will cost you more money. However, you can usually find short trips away for reasonable prices. So instead of one long stint you could do more short stays to add variety to your travels.

Volunteer in the community

When you retire, you probably won’t miss the day-to-day routine of work, but you might miss the social aspects. If this is the case, why not see if you can volunteer in your local community? There are a number of charity shops up and down the country and it’s quite common for people who retire to still undertake volunteer work. Maybe the council need some help or the local community are working on a project. Ask around and if it’s something that you really want to do then it can probably be arranged. The main thing is to be content; so if any of the above ideas make you happy then they will help you to enjoy life and really make the most of your retirement.