Imagine returning home from a day at work or a holiday abroad to find that your house has been broken into. After coming to terms with what’s happened and calling the police, you’ll then need to begin the arduous task of clearing everything up.

No one wants to experience a situation like this. However, it’s unfortunate to say that plenty of people have done so first-hand. Therefore, no matter how long you are intending to leave the house for, you need to ensure that the correct security measures are in place. This will help to prevent a similar scenario happening to you.

Creating deterrents

It doesn’t take much to create deterrents to ward off burglars. However, the financial loss and damages that you will incur if security isn’t installed may result in a much greater cost overall.

Most people who have been broken into before will toughen up security to avoid a similar occurrence. Adding multiple forms of security to your home is more likely to prevent intruders from getting inside. So to help you keep your home safe, here are a number of recommendations to bolster your security levels.

Install a burglar alarm

If someone is attempting to break into your home, an alarm is the perfect deterrent to stop them in their tracks.  If your alarm system has been activated, not only will the loud noise scare the intruders, it’ll also alert your neighbours and even directly notify the police, depending on the alarm system installed.

Arguably one of the best security devices, a burglar alarm is easy to install and can save you from returning home to discover that you’ve been broken into.

Reinforcement through locks

Spend time walking around your home to see if security can be improved. Ask yourself if you have sufficient locks in place. It’s not just the front door that you need to check. Garage doors, garden gates and windows can act as an easy way into your home surroundings. Therefore, see if you need to replace old, rusty and worn locks with new latches, bolts, chains and catches.

You might even spot a door that currently has a lock, although security could still be strengthened. Conservatory or utility doors for example might need that added bit of security to make it harder for criminals to enter.

Don’t take the mindset that having no lock on a door will be fine, just because you’ve never had one in place before. Thieves can be very determined to find a way into your home if they want to. Don’t invite them in. Instead, make sure you have sufficient locks on all of the doors, gates and windows. Having these measures in place can also reduce your home insurance premium, as your provider can see that you are taking relevant action in bolstering security.

Use security cameras

Similar to installing a burglar alarm, placing a security camera above your front door or overlooking your garden is another effective deterrent. Some cameras will even allow for night vision functionality for added peace of mind.

Security cameras will not only deter criminals, they will also enable you to potentially gather recorded evidence of a break in taking place. This can be handed to the police if you report an incident and can also be used to reveal the burglar’s identity and lead to their arrest.

Obviously some cameras are more expensive than others, although you can pick up a suitable camera for around £50 – £100. It’s not a huge investment, yet it will go a long way in improving your home security.

Improving boundary security

Simple solutions can often be just as effective. There a number of easy ways to improve the security around the perimeters of your home. For example, putting up fences, erecting a garden wall, or planting prickly bushes will make it harder for thieves to enter your property, or escape if they’ve intruded.

Although this kind of prevention isn’t the most advanced, it shouldn’t be neglected. Burglars will find it difficult to climb over a tall fence with your belongings or escape through a thorn bush. So, think about how you can protect the surrounding boundaries of your home.

Security while you’re on holiday

If you are due to leave your property to go on holiday, ask a trustworthy neighbour to keep an eye on your home. You could even hand them a spare key to remove post from the hallway, draw the curtains, and remove milk from the front of the house if you’ve forgotten to cancel a delivery.

Also, timer switches can be used to turn lights on at regular intervals and give the impression that someone’s at home. Don’t forget to hide spare car keys in a suitable place so that if you are broken into, you don’t have to deal with losing your car too.

Remember that it won’t take long to make sure that all of the above security measures are in place around your home. In addition, the cost you spend on improving security is better than losing your personal belongings forever. So, if the level of your home security can be increased, make sure this is addressed as a matter of urgency.