After years of the daily grind, retirement is not only a blissful prospect it’s also an important part of your golden years. With this in mind, do you know to where you’d like to retire? Abroad, in the UK close to your family, or somewhere altogether more adventurous? If you’re undecided, check out our list of the best retirement locations and options.

Retirement Locations


The lure of better weather and cheaper property prices are just a few of the reasons why many Brits opt for retirement overseas – and France is certainly one of the most popular choices. With art, culture, good food and wine as well as an excellent atmosphere and health care, France has a number of towns and villages for you to call home. Popular locations include the port town of Bordeaux or the foodie paradise of Lyon. Alternatively, there are smaller town and villages popular with expats located in the Languedoc-Rousillion and Dordogne regions.


A more adventurous prospect, Australia is a good option if you have a larger budget. The economy there is strong, and Melbourne and Sydney are two of the most expensive cities in the world in which to live. A ‘cheaper’ alternative would be Perth, with a variety of suburbs and smaller communities like Mandurah. The West Coast is also home to the beautiful town of Margaret River and the surrounding wine region. For something a bit more rural, Broome is a good option, as well as the southern island of Tasmania.


Not only does Italy appeal for its culture, climate and lifestyle – it’s also ranked second for offering affordable and quality health care (Source: World Health Organization). Popular regions include Tuscany and Umbria. Property costs are reasonably priced, for example for approximately £150,000 you could own a quaint stone-built townhouse in the beautiful village of Collodi Castello.


With its wholesome natural lifestyle, Canada isn’t only an option for those more akin to nature, but also the more metropolitan retiree too. There are many reasons to choose Canada, not only is it an affordable option; it’s an excellent place to stay healthy, safe and secure. There’s plenty going on outdoors, but overall it’s a very friendly and easy-going place to live. Popular retirement locations include Victoria, Sannich, Kingston, Burlington, Ottawa and Toronto.

United Kingdom

You may not believe it, but the UK has plenty of pulling power when it comes to retirement locations. For many it’s still the best option as it’s hassle-free and you’re still in close proximity to loved ones. But where are popular locations in the UK to retire?

It will be little surprise that the Dorset seaside resort of Bournemouth tops the list of preferred retirement locations (Source: Retirement Home Search). Eastbourne is also seen as a traditional location thanks to its beautifully kept beach and green coastal gardens. The list also includes Southampton, Chelmsford and Cambridge.

Retirement Housing Options

For many, the choice of location is just part of the conundrum. You will also need to consider the potential housing options available as well, and whether they are available in the area you wish to relocate to.

Retirement Homes

These are one of the most popular options, as they are located all over the UK and beyond. You will need to check to ensure if you’re eligible for residency if you find a home abroad, but generally speaking this is the most preferred option. Rates will depend on the facilities and location, so always ensure you have the right budget for the fees required.

Retirement Communities

On a slightly larger scale than a standard retirement home, retirement villages and communities are an increasingly popular option. With very high levels of care and great social experiences, if you can afford the more expensive fees then it’s a perfect way to spend your retirement. They boast a wide choice of residential options, excellent locations and sights, activities, social-life as well as safety and security.

New Property

No matter where you are looking to relocate to, buying a new property in which to retire clearly isn’t an option available to everyone – but by selling your home, you may be able to invest in a cheaper alternative. The aforementioned locations are just some of the popular places, but just think of where you’ve always dreamt of living – now live that dream.

Moving in with the family

For, some it’s more realistic to either stay at home or move closer to your family. Depending on your circumstances you may opt to move into your family home. This is certainly a more affordable option and if you need extra healthcare it’s also the most sensible option.