With the cost of living on the rise, many customers are searching around for better deals to tackle significant increases in energy, food and home utility bills that are driving the high inflation rate in the UK.

To help you make more out your disposable income, we have pulled together a selection of top tips to reduce the pinch that everyday living costs have on your pocket.

Phone & Internet

Mobile Phone

If you find that you’re using your mobile phone less and less, yet your monthly contract continues to stay the same then it’s time for a change. Here you have an excellent opportunity to slash your costs significantly by switching to a package that will meet your exact requirements.

Call up your current service provider and discuss options for reducing your monthly bill. But before doing so, take some time to shop around a little and compare tariff prices from a variety of competitors before making your decision.


With 94% of adults owning or using a mobile phone as of 2013 the need for using a home telephone is dwindling. If you already have a sufficient limit on outgoing calls from your mobile phone it will be a lot cheaper to make use of these instead.

However, if you do still find that you use your landline to make calls, then assess your current usage and when you typically make calls. From this you can then shop around for new deals like evenings and weekends or special numbers to receive a cut rate.

Additionally, you can also take advantage of the many telecommunications companies today who tend to provide combined broadband and landline packages that might even prove to be more cost-effective compared to a standalone service.


Assessing the usage and cost of your monthly broadband deal is another sure-fire way to get handle on your overheads.

Have you recently been in touch with your ISP to discuss your current package? If not, give them a call and find out what discounts or added value you are entitled to as a loyal customer.

Another way to address the cost of your connection is by running a price comparison using sites like U Switch or Broadband Choices to discover a better deal.


Have you found yourself watching less and less telly? Or maybe you’re just not using all those extra channels and features that you pay for every month.

Whatever the case, you might find that you can make some significant savings by simply placing a call to your current TV provider and asking for a discounted rate.

Failing that, make an enquiry to a few other companies and between them you will likely find not only a bargain in the long term, but also a number of fantastic incentives as a new or returning customer.


We all know that looking after pets can be a costly affair at times, with insurance, veterinary bills, food and equipment it all adds up.

If you find that your insurance premiums are a little too pricey, search around on the internet by once again running a price comparison. When you have your results you’ll want to make an enquiry for a detailed breakdown of your potential policy. Once you have the information you need, you can then decide to switch providers or use the quote with your existing insurer for an improved offer.

You can also consult a number of animal charities for support in covering the cost of care for your pets. For example – The PDSA will offer help and advice on the best way to go about treating your dog.

Also, to save yourself a bit of cash, try switching from premium brand pet food and accessories to your local supermarket brand.


As of October 2013, food prices in the UK were found to have risen by 4.3 per cent year-on-year.

To counteract this hike in prices there are numerous options you can pursue in order to lessen your monthly outgoings on food shopping. These include signing up to loyalty schemes, making the most of on-sale promotions and switching to lower-priced brands.

Nowadays, the majority of the top supermarket chains have a discount scheme in place so that every quarter or so customers are able to claim some money back on their previous purchases with exclusive money-off or promotional coupons. Whether, you’re filling up the car, popping round the shop for some bread and milk or doing your monthly shop, always make sure you collect your points. After a few months it all begins to mount up.