Have you ever considered volunteering? Older people have lots to offer communities and organisations, so volunteering presents a fantastic opportunity to remain active and functioning within society.

Not only can you make a difference to other people’s lives, but you’ll also be making a huge difference to yours too.

Volunteering Can Help You And Others

As a wiser and more experienced individual, there’s a wealth of skill and knowledge at your disposal. This can be passed on to younger counterparts, further improving their skillset and understanding in any given area of interest.

Furthermore, there are plenty of personal advantages too:

  • Make a difference to your life
  • Good way to make friends
  • Great way to improve physical health and wellbeing
  • Great way to improve mental health and wellbeing

What you should consider?

Volunteering is a commitment, so you need to make sure you can spare time and resources. Whether you’re still in work or you are retired, before you start investigating volunteering opportunities, consider the following:

How much time can you spare?

Work out how much time you can afford to give. The easiest way is to list your existing weekly commitments, and establish what time you have spare. Also, work out how flexible your hours can be. This will help when narrowing down your volunteering opportunities.

Can you afford to volunteer?

Whilst some charities and organisations will pay for your travel expenses, others may not. Additionally, most if not all positions will be unpaid. So if you’re looking for monetary gain, you may be disappointed. Consider if you can afford to volunteer and the possible outlay of travel expenses.

What kind of charity or organisation should you volunteer for?

There are a number of opportunities available to you – and the charity or organisation you choose will depend purely on your likes, as well as what is actually currently available. For example, you could work in any of the following:

  • Conservation projects
  • Environmental projects
  • Gardening
  • Working with animals
  • Helping those with learning disabilities
  • Adult education
  • Advice work
  • Social or hospital work
  • Elderly
  • Homelessness
  • Fundraising
  • Helping those with physical disabilities
  • Driving
  • Working with children and young people
  • Much much more

What Opportunities are there?

There are a number of great volunteering organisations that will help you out, as well as specific charities who you can enquire with direct. For more information visit any of the following organisations: