It’s always better to be safe than sorry, right? It might be an old adage but it’s one that still resonates today, especially in the insurance industry. Think about your own insurance needs; whilst you may have to consider things like budget, you always want to make sure you’re getting the best value from your policy.

Obviously, going for the most expensive policy is not for everyone. However, there are many benefits to going for something more comprehensive, giving you more cover than before. Whether this is through purchasing add-ons or simply obtaining a more complete insurance policy, you’ll have peace of mind that you could be covered for any eventuality.

Filling Gaps in Your Existing Coverage

One of the main reasons anyone considers increasing their cover is to ensure they are protected against any unforeseen consequences.

Whenever you shop for insurance, it’s always important to check the small print. So, before you sign on the dotted line, be sure you’re 100% happy with what you’re paying for and what is included. It may be at this point you decide to look for more comprehensive cover or an add-on for example.

Let’s take standard home insurance as an example. Whilst your typical policy will protect you from things like fire, civil unrest, malicious damage, natural disasters and subsidence, you may not be completely covered should you need a home emergency call-out or incur additional legal costs.

So, let’s say for example you experience damage to your home and require immediate help at whatever time of the day. Perhaps you’ve lost your only set of keys, or there’s sudden damage to your plumbing or drainage system – without increased cover, it’s likely that you’ll acquire additional costs to have the problem fixed at short notice. However, with emergency cover, you can rest assured you’ll be protected financially, and have the problem fixed swiftly without causing too much disruption.

Increasing your home insurance cover can extend to other areas you may not have thought about before, such as your very own garden. We, the British public, love our gardens – and if you’re lucky enough to own and care for one, then you’ll want to ensure your hard work is protected should the worst case scenarios happen.

Under the standard level of contents insurance, your garden’s greenery may not be usually covered (depending on the type of insurer and policy); but this is a good example of where the following instances may occur, which you simply won’t be able to claim for without increasing your level of cover:

  • Theft
  • Fire, Lighting or explosion
  • Storm or flood
  • Malicious damage
  • Accidental damage
  • Wild animals
  • Falling branches
  • TV aerials and masonry falling from the building

These are just some examples so always check the small print before purchasing insurance, and consider your circumstances and the need for increased cover – it could save you a lot of money as well stress in the long run.