Now that the days are getting longer, the temperature warmer, and the first of the spring flowers are in bloom, it’s time to get out into the garden and prepare it for the summer ahead.

As such, here are our top tips on how to make sure your garden will be the best looking this summer:

1. Tidy up

It may not be the most exciting job in the world of gardening, but it’s probably the first thing you should do to kick things off. After all, your garden won’t have seen much action for a fair few months so it’ll need a bit of TLC.

First things first, it’s time to remove any weeds that have been languishing in your flower beds. Dead plants or ones that have seen better days should either be removed, or paid some extra attention in order to get them back to their best. Cut off dead sections, feed with plant food that’s right for the specific plant, and water if there’s been no rain recently. As well as addressing what’s in your flower beds, now is also the time to tidy up the borders – this is easily done with an edging tool and a strimmer if needs be.

2. Mow the lawn

You may find that your lawn is looking in need of a haircut, and now’s the time to be thinking about giving it its first cut of the season. To help make sure your lawn will look its best for summer, you can also try aerating it by using a fork. Aerating a lawn will encourage the grass roots to grow, improve drainage, and can also help the grass’ ability to take in nutrients. That means, by summer you’ll have a lawn to be proud of. Aeration only needs to be done once a year and spring is the perfect time to do it as the frosts have passed.

3. Order your seeds

At this time of year, keen gardeners will already be thinking about putting in their seed order so that they can get on with the business of planting. Whether it’s vegetable, fruit, or flower seeds – if you’ll be growing things from scratch, now’s the time to buy. Summer-flowering bulbs should also be planted now to be ready in time for the hotter months.

4. Save on water

With water rates hardly cheap, it’s a great idea to do everything you can to help keep bills down. So, instead of filling up your watering can from the kitchen sink, install a water butt and you’ll have rainwater on hand with which to water the plants. Water butts can be used to collect water from anywhere with a sloped roof and a downwards drainpipe – shed, garage, house or all three. Not only will you save on water, you’ll also save on those endless trips to-ing and fro-ing from kitchen to garden.

5. Spruce up your garden furniture

When you’ve worked hard to create a garden that looks great, it’s daft to just admire it from the living room window. So, now’s the time to make sure your garden furniture is in good nick. If a bench or wooden chair and table set has seen better days, don’t get rid of it. Simply give it a good sand down, prime, and paint or give it a lick of varnish to help protect it.

6. Encourage wildlife

Make your home welcoming to all who enter it by encouraging wildlife. Providing a water bath for birds will not only give them a place to wash their feathers, but will provide you with enjoyment as you watch them splash about. Then there are all the insects to consider. Encourage bees by placing a bee house (or making your own using cut-up garden cane) and your garden will bloom into life as they help pollinate your flowers. To help give other insects a home, invest in butterfly and ladybird houses and your garden will be a hive of activity come the summer months.