Sometimes, it feels like winter goes on forever doesn’t it? Well with spring rolling in, now could be the perfect time to book an early spring trip. Whether you’ve been struggling with the winter weather and are looking for some sun, or you’re looking to embrace this time of year and do something a bit cosier, there are plenty of trips ideal for the more mature traveller, so here’s 7 early spring trips to indulge your wanderlust.

Early Spring Sun

1.    Maldives

Early spring is probably the best time of the year to visit the Maldives in the Indian Ocean. It’s the time of year when monsoon winds have shifted, producing tranquil conditions with calm seas, light winds and hardly any rain; all of which makes perfect desert island weather. The Maldives has a tropical climate with high temperatures in every month – no less so in March. During the day heat and humidity is very high but it does cool down a little after sunset.

2.    Morocco

Early spring is also a great time to visit Morocco mainly because spring time begins. This is the greenest time of the year in terms of vegetation and, depending on how much rain has fallen during the winter, highland meadows can be beautifully carpeted in wild flowers. Daytime temperatures in Marrakech are in the low 20s Celsius, perfect for trekking in the Atlas Mountains, though at higher elevations it can become quite chilly at night.

3.    Carribean

Many holiday destinations in the Caribbean are at their best at this time of year, and one that is easy to get to is the Dominican Republic. A number of UK tour operators have direct flights to Puerto Plata and Punta Cana, where in early spring temperatures range from a very pleasant 20°C at night to 29°C during the day. The sea temperature is around 26°C and there are usually 9 hours of sunshine a day. For those who like the idea of a holiday in the tropics but who feel they may not be able to cope with high levels of heat and humidity March is an excellent time to go to the Dominican Republic.

4.    Mexico

Cancun and the Riviera Maya are part of Mexico on the western shores of the Caribbean. Here too the weather is excellent at the end of winter, the driest and sunniest time of year, and there are direct flights from a number of UK airports. The sea is not as warm as it becomes later in the summer but it is still warmer than the sea in Majorca at the height of summer so visitors from Europe will probably not complain. There’s beautiful ecological parks to visit (like Xcaret), as well as the famous Chichén Itzá – so there’s plenty to explore. The weather is also nothing like as hot and humid as it becomes from May to September. Expect 8 hours of sunshine each day on average in early spring and daytime temperatures that will probably reach into the 30s Celsius on some days.

Early Spring City Trips

5.    Prague

If the sun isn’t your thing, ‘Czech out’ (we couldn’t resist) the vibrant cultural and historical city of Prague, in the Czech Republic. You’ll be forgiven for thinking that Prague is just known for its beer and pubs, but there is much, much more to see. Hrad Castle is a popular attraction for its fairy-tale setting. Next door is the gorgeous St. Vitus’s Cathedral and if you manage to scale the 287 steps of the South Tower, you’ll see stunning views of this enigmatic city. There are plenty of hidden gems to discover as you walk along the cobblestone streets. Perfect for wining, dining and shopping – it certainly is a perfect spring city trip.

6.    Venice

Spring is the perfect time to wander the sinking city’s narrow alleys and bridges, eat ice cream in the gondolas (if it’s warm enough!), explore the crumbling scenery of churches and elegant palaces, or you could simply eat wonderful pasta in a sunny square while you people watch and sip on prosecco. 

7.    New York

It goes without saying, but New York is one of the greatest cities in the world; and spring is a great time to see the city that never sleeps in action. Start your morning with a warm coffee and a hot bagel in one of New York’s many legendary coffee shops. Take a romantic walk in central park, shop until you drop in the city’s famous shopping destinations and make sure you take in all the landmarks; the Empire State Building, Times Square, Statue of Liberty, 5th Avenue, the Rockefeller Centre, the 9/11 memorial, and much more. Oh, and don’t forget to hail a cab.

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