With Christmas nearly upon us, you can’t walk down a street without seeing Christmas decorations hanging in people’s windows. But whether you’ve put up the tree already or are still waiting, did you know you could add some amazing touches to your decorations for next to nothing? We’ve found some amazing decorations that you can make yourself.

Whether you knit them, arrange them or bake them, there’s plenty of ideas and ways for you to make some amazing decorations to brighten up you home and as well as costing hardly anything, you often don’t need much to make them either!

These are just some of our ideas that you can make to add some fantastic touches to your Christmas decorations – but we’d love to hear from you too! Send us your pictures of your homemade decorations and we could feature them on our blog!

Red and white bows/ribbons

A variety of eye-catching bows can be a simple way to add a colourful addition to your home.

Knitted mini-jumpers

We love this one – if you’ve got the knack, then making tree decorations out of mini knitted Christmas jumpers is bound to be a sure-fire hit.

xmas decor mini jumper














Paper chains

You can make them out of any colour paper to bring extra vibrancy to your decorations, plus you can also buy or make specific paper designs such as a vintage look.

Xmas decor paper chain











Paper doves

Again – simple to make and also a great idea to make with kids, all you need is some paper and some ribbon or string.

xmas decor paper doves















Bring the outdoors indoors

For a subtle outdoor decoration, gather pinecones of various sizes and arrange them anywhere inside either in a box, into a wreath, scattered around or hung from a tree. for extra glamour, you could buy spray glitter, snow or frost to apply to the cones.

xmas decor pine cones








Do Something Sweet

Something as simple as glasses and dishes filled with seasonally appropriate sweets can make an excellent table topper. Better still, cookies and gingerbread men would look great on the tree.

Candy canes

xmas decor candy cane

















Gingerbread man

xmas decor gingerbread man









xmas decor cookie