Whether you’re already the proud owner of a beautiful park home, or on the cusp of retirement and eagerly looking through brochures, one essential part of owning a Park Home is getting the right insurance.

What is Park Home insurance?

Park Home insurance is a specific type of home insurance that it is designed solely for the risks associated with a Park Home. From an insurance point of view, Park Homes, although they may feel exactly like home, differ in a number of ways from a standard house. That’s why they need their own type of insurance policy.

Why is Park Home insurance different to Home insurance?

Home insurance is comprised of two parts: buildings and contents. Home insurance policies will cover buildings against the risk of fires, floods, storms, water, and vandalism, and protect contents against damage and loss. The more likely the building or contents are to suffer damage, the higher the risk. This is why home insurance policies also taken into account where a building is located and its construction, and that’s where Park Home insurance comes in.

Why does construction matter?

If you have ever got a quote online for home insurance, you will have been asked questions about what your home is made out of and how its built. For example, one common question is whether your home has a flat roof. Homes with flat roofs are more susceptible to water, storm and snow damage, and so the risk of damage is higher.

As most homes are brick & mortar” homes, they are classed as a standard” risk. When it comes to Park Homes, which are usually made from fibreglass and marine plywood, they are a non-standard” risk. Like a flat roof, they are susceptible to certain risks, such as storm and fire damage. That’s why a standard home insurance policy usually won’t adequately cover a Park Home.

Is a Park Home expensive to ensure?

Because a Park Home is more susceptible to certain types of risks, it may mean that the premium can be higher than a standard home insurance policy. However, the premium also depends on the area where the Park Home is located, as well as the insurance provider you choose.

Where can I get Park Home insurance?

If you’re over 50 and need Park Home insurance, then Insure4Retirement can help you. We’ve teamed up with Intasure to provide park home insurance to park home owners. A plain English property insurance policy underwritten and administered in the UK via helpful and knowledgeable staff. Intasure can offer cost-effective and comprehensive  policies for many different types of Park Homes.

If you would like to take out a Park Home insurance with us, or find out more about Park Homes, you can get a quote from us online, or you can call one of our friendly experts on 0800 470 2012. We look forward to helping you.