Despite existing misconceptions about the Cruise industry being a specialist holiday, favoured by the Over 50s, the Cruise industry has stepped up to move into the mainstream. The industry is widening it’s net, offering more and more bespoke and adventurous experiences, perhaps in response to an increase in interest from younger generations. According to ABTA, two-fifths of holidaymakers are interested in going on a cruise, with 18-24 year olds showing the most interest (53%).

In the interest of looking at the more non-traditional cruise holidays that are growing in popularity, we compiled a selection of 5 unique cruise holidays for those looking to try something a little different this year.

More of an adventure than a cruise

ABTA noticed an increase in demand for expedition and adventure holidays, as more passengers seek to travel to places untouched. One Cruise provider, Lindblad Expeditions, in association with National Geographic offer a holiday like no other for the adventurers among us.

They operate a fleet of 11 ships that are scaled to go where ordinary cruise liners can’t. Voyagers travel deep into the Antarctic, where they are joined by travel experts from the top tiers of science and exploration, as well as a certified National Geographic photographer to help capture your trip of a lifetime.

Wherever you fancy travelling in the world, Lindblad expeditions can cater to it all, offering destinations as far flung as the Antarctic through to the sunny climes of the Caribbean.

Chefs on board create delicious meals, made from sustainable local ingredients that reflect the location you’re visiting and you’ll be spoiled by a wealth of unique activities, tailored to the environment you’ve chosen.

Whether you fancy getting up close and personal with a colony of penguins, or maybe a trip down the Amazon River tickles your fancy, take a look at their website.


Wellness Cruise

Veganism is arguable no longer just a ‘health craze’, and has become more and more mainstream as the environmental impacts of a meaty diet became heavily publicized. All kinds of industry are starting to jump on the bandwagon, including the Cruise industry.

ABTA said in their Travel Trends Report 2019 that cruise brands are increasingly catering to the demand for wellness holidays, with wellness tourism worth an estimated $639 billion globally.

The vegans among us have reason to celebrate, now that they can enjoy a holiday completely tailored to their lifestyle, where everything from the wine to the included toiletries is 100% vegan.

You won’t have to rely on just clean-eating to maintain your healthy lifestyle, as nearly all of the ships come with a state-of-the-art gym, a putting green to help you get your golf fix and even an outdoor running track on deck so you can enjoy your morning run while you enjoy the sunrise over the ocean. To find out more, visit their website.


Cruise into the Future

Carnival Corporation gave us a glimpse into the future of cruising by launching Ocean Medallion – a wearable disk that holds details about the wearer. It unlocks the door to a plethora of personalised experiences aboard. The boarding process becomes completely streamlined as security services can verify your identity as you approach, meaning no more queues! It recognises as you approach your room, and turns on the lights and the air conditioner sets itself to your preferred temperature. Bartenders will know your favourite drink and screens will display your own personal avatar.

Sound like your cup of tea? Learn more here.


Gulet Cruise the Italian Coast

Be taken on an 8 day journey to Pompei, Capri and Naples as you tour the Amalfi coast on an authentic two-masted wooden sailing ship. You’ll be joined on your trip by certified historians and expert guides who can accompany you on land to ensure you get the most out of your history-rich excursions.

To help ensure you enjoy Italy at its most authentic, your tour operator has a wealth of recommendations to help you choose the perfect restaurant, whether you fancy a family-run trattoria or somewhere a little finer.

This Gulet Cruise in Italy shows you both the cultural jewels of the Almalfi Coast as well as the lesser-known, but no less charming areas of this stunning coast.

Want to find out more? You’ll find their brochure here

Gunto – The Floating hotel

The Seto Inland Sea, or Setouchi as the locals call it, is the largest inland sea in Japan, and home to 700 small islands floating in the mysteriously calm water. It is home to Gunto, the floating 19 cabin hotel designed by award winning architect, Yasushi Horibe. If relaxation is what you’re looking for, booking a trip aboard this luxury liner would tick all the boxes.

ABTA says that food and drink is now the most important factor for 78% of cruise travellers. If you’re one of these, Gunto could be the cruise for you. You’ll get to experience exquisite Japanese cuisine at its finest, whether you’re a sushi connoisseur or slightly less adventurous, Japanese style western cuisine caters to all. “Enjoying what you want, and as much as you want” is Gunto’s mantra, as you can choose the ingredients you want, and the way in which they’re cooked.

If you’re looking to experience something unique, you’ll be invited to join a local fisherman on his boat, ending the day with a traditional tea ceremony and visit to Gunto’s on board spa.

If this sounds like the kind your kind of holiday, take a look at their brochure.


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