Home security steps to follow before you go away

How to help protect your home from theft

Don’t let your post pile up

Appearances are everything. Hide the tell-tale signs you’re away by preventing a pile-up of post on your doormat. You could leave a spare key with a trusted neighbour, friend or family member and ask them to collect the post or even better – use Royal Mail’s Keepsafe scheme. They will keep all letters and parcels for up to 66 days and deliver them when you return.

Make it look like someone is home

See if a neighbour or friend can park their car on your drive to make the property look occupied. At the very least, make sure to mow your lawn before you go to maintain the appearance of a ‘lived-in’ home.

Cancel regular deliveries

Don’t forget to let your milkman know that you won’t be around for the duration of your holiday.

Automatic lighting on timers

You can get light timers relatively cheaply, and having a hall light come on periodically will help sustain the illusion that you are at home.

Check everything is locked

It may sound obvious, but set aside 10 minutes before you leave to double check every window and door is locked securely.

Remove your hidden spare key

Whether it’s hidden beneath a plant pot or underneath a rock, you should remove this and give it to a trusted person for safe keeping, or hide it safely in your home. Any opportunistic thief is likely to check the usual ‘spare-key spots’ if they’ve noticed your home is empty.

Keep your curtains open.

It may be tempting to close your curtains to prevent anybody from peering into your home while you’re away. But by keeping your curtains closed, you are more likely to highlight the emptiness of your home.

Don’t broadcast your absence

Resist the temptation to broadcast your holiday on social media, at least until after you are home.


How to help protect your home from Fire

Turn everything off at the socket

Spend a few minutes checking that all appliances and electrical items are turned off at the socket to prevent a power surge or fire.

Close the doors between rooms

If your preventative measures are unfortunately unable to stop a fire from starting, you may be able to stop it from spreading by closing the doors between rooms. This can, at least slow down the spread of a fire until a neighbour notices flames or smoke and calls the fire brigade.

How to keep your home safe from escape of water

Turn your water off

You should consider turning your water off at the mains to help protect yourself against coming home to a flooded house courtesy of a burst pipe. This is especially important if you’re heading away on holiday during the winter.



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