Christmas related contents insurance

Here’s a reminder of some cover automatically included on our standard contents policy that may be relevant to you and your family over the festive period.

Special events cover

We automatically increase your contents cover by 10% around special events such as Christmas and weddings. This cover takes effect 1 month before, and expires 1 month after the special event.

Guest Contents

If you have family or friends temporarily staying over Christmas, we include up to £2,500 cover for their belongings.

Freezer Contents

We cover your freezer contents up to £1,000 so if you experience a power outage which causes you to lose all of the food you’ve bought for the festive period you can claim.

Shopping in Transit

We cover any belongings you’re transporting home from the shop up to £500. So, if you’ve bought a gift for a family member and it gets lost or stolen on the way home, you’re covered.

Money & Tickets

Cash and tickets are common gifts over Christmas, and your contents policy covers damage and theft of these items up to £500


Policy limits and exclusions may apply, please see your policy wording for full terms and conditions.