Your Christmas Covered


Christmas related contents insurance Here’s a reminder of some cover automatically included on our standard contents policy that may be relevant to you and your family over the festive period. Special events cover We automatically increase your contents cover by 10% around special events such as Christmas and weddings. This cover takes effect 1 month

Affordable Home Insurance


Our top tips for finding affordable home insurance It may be worth looking for an insurance company that is tailored to your own needs. Usually, a niche insurer will have negotiated special rates for customers in situations they specialise in to ensure they are competitive. For example, we, as an Over 50s home insurance specialist

Smart homes – The future is here

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Smart technology has evolved so quickly over the last decade due to the growth of the Internet of Things (IOT), that the kind of high-tech security systems previously reserved for the super wealthy are now both available and affordable for the general population. MoneySuperMarket surveyed the nation and found that 77% of Brits have heard

5 cruises you didn’t know existed

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Despite existing misconceptions about the Cruise industry being a specialist holiday, favoured by the Over 50s, the Cruise industry has stepped up to move into the mainstream. The industry is widening it’s net, offering more and more bespoke and adventurous experiences, perhaps in response to an increase in interest from younger generations. According to ABTA,

Insurance for your B&B and Guest House

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If you’re over 50, you might have your eyes set on running a B&B or guest house in the near future. At Insure4Retirement, we think it’s a great idea. Converting your existing home into a guest house can be both rewarding and a great source of income. Most of the customers that take out B&B