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Personalise your car insurance with a choice of additional cover, created with your needs in mind.

Motor Excess Protection

Motor Excess Protection

Motor Excess ProtectionReimbursement of your policy excess up to a total of £300 in the event of a motoring accident which is deemed by the insurer to be your fault, as a result of:

  • Road traffic accident, malicious damage, fire, theft or attempted theft
  • Where the vehicle has been stolen and remains unrecovered
  • If your insurer has been unable to recover the excess from a third party within the 6 months of a claim (where you were not to blame for the accident)
  • The maximum value of a single claim is £300. We will not be liable for more than two claims in any one period of insurance

If you are covered by any other insurance for the excess payable, which results in a valid claim under that policy, we will only pay our proportionate share of the claim. Provided by AXA Assistance and underwritten by Inter Partner Assistance SA.


Motor Breakdown Cover

Motor Breakdown Cover

Choose from three levels of cover, including Roadside Assistance, Nationwide Recovery and European Cover.

Level 1 – Roadside Assistance and Home Start 

  • 1 hour labour at roadside providing breakdown is over 1 mile from the home
  • Transport car to suitable local garage or original destination within 15 miles

Level 2 – Nationwide Recovery (includes Level 1) 

  • Onward transportation of driver and passengers to original destination or back home
  • Transport car to a suitable repairer
  • Overnight B&B up to £40 per person / £480 total, or 24 hour hire car

Level 3 – European Cover (includes Level 1 and Level 2) for vehicles up to and including 10 years old

  •  European motoring for trips up to 31 days
  • Up to £200 for replacement parts to make the vehicle safe following theft/attempted theft
  • Onward transportation to original destination (and then return car once repaired), or hire car £70 per day / £750 total, or B&B up to £40 per person / £500 total

Please note the benefits under level 2 and 3 are not available for the first 24 hours after you take out cover for the first time. The benefits under Level 1 are available immediately. The policy does not cover more than two claims, which arise from a common fault on the same vehicle, during one period of cover. Provided by Inter Partner Assistance and Axa Assistance (UK).

Replacement Vehicle Cover

Replacement Vehicle Cover

Provides a hire car for up to 21 continuous days to help keep you mobile following a motor accident where your car is no longer roadworthy. Covers incidents such as:

  • Road traffic accident
  • Fire and malicious damage
  • Theft or attempted theft

Up to £10 per day for the maximum of 21 days will be provided for alternative transport if a hire car is not available or cannot be provided. Provided by Strategic Insurance Limited.

Motor Legal Expenses

Motor Legal Expenses Cover

Assistance with legal matters following a motor related incident can be expensive. Motor Legal Expenses provides up to £100,000 towards legal assistance for recovering losses you are not insured for, such as:

  • Pursuing uninsured losses, personal injury and additional expenses following a non-fault accident
  • Contract disputes for the sale or purchase of goods or services relating to the vehicle goods or services relating to the vehicle
  • Defending legal action in the respect of a motoring offence and action arising from the fraudulent use of the vehicle’s identity
  • Representation in the event of the vehicle being seized following a failure in your vehicle details not being recorded on the Motor Insurance Database

Provided by Arc Legal Assistance Ltd and underwritten by AmTrust Europe Limited.