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Making a claim

Before you contact the insurer to notify them of a claim, you need to understand if you should be claiming under the Buildings or Contents part of your policy. This can be quite hard to understand for certain types of claims, so we have put together this short guide to help you.

How to know if it’s Buildings or Contents.

Everything classed as covered under Buildings insurance is likely to be everything that you would leave behind if you were to move house, or an easier way to think about this is to imagine turning your house upside down allowing all unfixed items to fall out! Everything that fell out would in all likelihood be your Contents. It is likely that everything remaining would be your Buildings. For example, a fitted bedroom would remain if you moved or turned your house upside down, meaning this element would likely be covered under Buildings, but a free-standing wardrobe that wasn’t fixed would fall out, and therefore this item is likely to be covered under Contents.

What if you need to claim under Buildings and Contents

It is often the case that both sections of the policy apply to certain claims. For example, if you experienced a theft claim, you may need to claim under your Buildings cover for the cost of repair or damage to any broken windows or doors (assuming the thief gained entry this way) and claim under your Contents cover for the replacement of any stolen items.

Claims are handled by the insurer, NOT by Insure4Retirement directly. Your claim team is there to help you and make the process as easy and quick as possible. Your claim team will need specific information about your claim and will also ask you some detailed questions to help them handle your claim efficiently and to prevent fraud.

First things first! You should notify the police as soon as possible if something is lost or stolen, or if your property has been purposely damaged. The police may provide you with an incident reference number which the insurer may require. It is important that you do not negotiate or settle any claims made against you by another party, the insurer is there to do that for you. Do not admit or deny responsibility for anything relating to your claim as this could affect your claim.

Reporting Your Claim

  1. Locate the insurer and policy number which you can find on the “Need to Make A Claim” section of your home Insurance Schedule, and your policy number.
  2. Use the information on the following pages to find the telephone number of the insurer you need to contact. Remember, you may have a different insurer if you have purchased any of the additional products available.
  3. Telephone the insurer as soon as possible after the Incident has occurred in order that your claim can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

How to contact your insurer


Ageas Contact Details

0345 122 3019 (24hrs)

Ageas House, Hampshire Corporate Park
Templars Way, Eastleigh,
Hampshire SO53 3YA


Axa Contact Details

0330 024 6842 (8am-8pm Mon to Fri. 9am – 5pm Sat)

AXA Household Claims,
PO Box 441
Bristol BS34 8YR

Emergency service runs out of hours.

Pen Underwriting Limited

Pen Underwriting Contact Details

0345 072 9974 (24 hours)

Direct Group Limited
Quay Point,
Lakeside Boulevard,
South Yorkshire,

Integra Insurance Solutions on behalf of HDI Global Speciality

Integra Contact Details

01274 700810 (9am-5pm Mon to Fri)

Integra Insurance Solutions Limited,
Currer House,
Currer Street,

Emergency service runs out of hours.

Legal & General Insurance Limited

Legal and General Contact Details

0370 900 5567 (8am-6pm Monday – Friday. 9am-1pm on Saturday)

Legal and General Insurance Limited
P O Box 1429,
B5 4US

Emergency Service runs out of hours.

Midas Underwriting Limited

Midas Contact Details

0845 600 9260 (9am-5pm Mon to Fri)

028 9182 6595

Midas Underwriting Services Limited
36 Jubilee Road,
BT23 4YH

Emergency service runs out of hours.

Calls cost 5p per minute plus the service provider’s access charge

Pen Affinity

Pen Affinity Contact Details

03301 026 791 (8am-8pm Mon to Fri. 9am-12pm Sat)

Pen Affinity
PO Box 1291

Emergency service runs out of hours.


Prestige Contact Details

0800 0327 327 (9am-5pm Mon to Fri)

Prestige Underwriting Services Ltd
The Lanyon Building,
10 North Derby Street,
BT15 3HL

Emergency service runs out of hours.

Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Plc

Royal & Sun Alliance Contact Details

0330 102 4008 (8am-7pm Mon to Fri. 9am -1pm Sat)

Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Plc
PO Box 21561,

Emergency service runs out of hours.

UK General Insurance Ltd

UK General Insurance Contact Details

0344 412 4241 (9am-5pm Mon to Fri)


UK General Insurance Ltd
Direct Group Specialist Claims
PO Box 1192


Uris Group Limited

Uris Group Contact Details

03301 026 071

Uris Group Property Services,
PO Box 800,

Arc Legal Assistance

Arc Legal Assistance Contact Details

0844 770 1093 (24 hours)

Online claims form:

Arc Legal Assistance Limited,
The Gatehouse,
Lodge Park,
Lodge Lane,

Axa Assistance

Axa Assistance Contact Details

0800 479 0066 (24 hours)

If You Make A Claim

The insurer may repair, reinstate or replace the damaged property. If the insurer cannot repair or replace the property the insurer may pay for the loss or damage in cash. Where they can offer repair or replacement through a preferred supplier, but they agree to pay a cash settlement, then payment will reflect any discounts they may have received had they replaced the property. If an equivalent replacement is not available then they will pay the full replacement cost of the item with no discount applied. The sums insured will not be reduced by any claim.

The insurer may appoint an approved supplier to act on their behalf to validate your claim. The approved supplier is authorised to arrange a quotation, a repair, or a replacement where appropriate.

New For Old

The insurer will make a reduction for wear and tear (unless you can prove they are less than three years old) for the following items:

  • Clothes
  • Furs
  • Household linen.

Reductions will not be made for all other Contents and replacement as new will proceed subject to the item being claimed for not being in a damaged condition (unless as a result of the insured event for which you are claiming) and the maximum claim limit representing the full value of the item(s).

The insurer will not make a reduction for wear and tear for any elements of a Buildings claim provided that the maximum claim limit represents the full value of the Buildings and they have been maintained in a good state of repair.

Single article maximum claim limits

For the purpose of applying single article maximum claim limits, the insurer regards each matching pair
or set of the following as a single item:

  • High-risk property;
  • Furniture;
  • Sanitary fittings;
  • Soft furnishings;
  • Other fixtures and fittings.

Matching pairs and sets

The insurer treats any individual items of a matching set or suite as a single item. The insurer will not pay the cost of replacing or changing undamaged items which belong to a set or suite, or which have a common design or use, such as suites of furniture and carpets which are damaged in one area.

The insurer will not pay the cost of replacing or changing undamaged parts of your Buildings which belong to a set or suite or which have a common design or use, such as a bathroom suite or fitted kitchen units, when the damage is restricted to a specific part or clearly defined area.

Protecting Sums Insured

The maximum claim limit under the Buildings and Contents sections will not be reduced if you make
a claim.