Home Insurance FAQs

(Frequently asked questions)
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Along with these Home Insurance FAQs, please remember to read your policy documents carefully, paying particular attention to exclusions, endorsements and limitations.

Home Insurance

Am I able to receive immediate cover for my home insurance?

Yes. As soon as your payment information has been set up and you have agreed to the terms of your policy with one of our advisors, your insurance will commence immediately.

How do I pay for my Home Insurance policy?

You may spread the cost of your home insurance by registering a direct debit on your bank account to pay either monthly or annually. If you do not wish to pay via direct debit, Insure4Retirement customers on an annual payment agreement also have the option to pay using either a debit card or a credit card.

How do I switch my Home Insurance to Insure4Retirement?

First you will need to register an insurance quote with Insure4Retirement either online or by speaking to one of our UK based advisors on our free-to-call helpline 0800 29 88 707. You will then receive a quotation pack in the post which will include a change of insurer form. Fill this form in and then send it on to your previous insurers to notify them that you have decided to switch providers.

Will I need to pay excess if I make a claim on my home insurance?

In most of our policies an excess will be required when making a claim, though this can vary depending on the nature of the claim at hand. It is worth noting that there are two different types of excess that are applied to an insurance policy: voluntary and compulsory excess. Voluntary excess is an agreed amount that each customer voluntarily contributes towards any claims made – this generally helps to reduce the overall cost of your insurance. Compulsory excess is the amount you are required to pay as stipulated by your insurer with regards to claims where the customer has some degree of responsibility for any damage incurred. Details pertaining to your policy’s excess will be shown clearly on your insurance quote, in writing (if requested) and also on the policy documentation once purchased.

Can I pay a Voluntary Excess?

Yes, you can opt to pay a voluntary excess on top of your Compulsory excess and in return you may receive a discount on your premium.

Do you need to know if I am planning to leave my property unoccupied for an extended period of time?

Yes. You will need to inform Insure4Retirement if you are planning on leaving your home for more than 60 days as your insurer may need to add new terms to your policy to cover your home while you are away as not to invalidate your insurance.

Do I need to inform Insure4Retirement if I am making renovations to my home?

Yes. We require all of our policyholders to alert us at once to any planned structural changes you are making to your property. Failure to do so may result in voiding your current cover.

Will my policy be subject to any administration fees?

We charge administration fees in respect of the operational cost of setting up, administering or cancelling your policy, e.g. postage, stationery and licensing fees. Administration fees are not subject to Insurance Premium Tax and are separate to any commission earned for our services.

Activity Administration Fee (£)
New Business and Renewal administration fee £20
Cancellation administration fee £30
Mid-term adjustment administration fee £25

How do I amend any of my policies?

Should you wish to make an amendment to any of your existing policies with Insure4Retirement, please contact our customer service team on 0800 29 88 707 who will be happy to discuss any changes you may require. When making an amendment you will be advised of any changes to your policy terms, endorsements and premium if applicable, and may be subject to a £25 mid-term adjustment administration fee.

How do I cancel my policy?

You can cancel your policy within 14 days of the date you first receive your policy documentation or the start of your insurance cover, whichever is later, by calling us on 0800 2988 707. If no claims have been made we will refund the premium you have paid. You may terminate your cover any time after this period by telling us either in writing or by telephone. A £30 administration fee will be incurred. If you have already submitted a new claim or are intending to make a claim during the period you have been on cover, Insure4Retirement will keep an amount of premium in proportion to the time you have been on cover. If you are paying by instalments, you must also continue to pay your premiums up to your agreed policy expiration/renewal date.

How do I renew my policy?

As you approach the end of your policy we will send you a renewal invitation by email or by post. Existing customers will receive their renewal quote in the mail 6 weeks before your policy’s expiration date. You will receive a call from one of our advisors should you wish to address any questions or changes to your cover. If you do not pay monthly through Direct Debit, please contact our customer service team on 0800 2988 707; they will be able to renew your insurance for you there and then. We do charge a £20 renewal fee, to cover the costs of administering your policy.

Contents Insurance

Am I required to declare all of my valuable items such as jewellery or electronics?

No. Our policyholders are only required to declare items that are worth more than £1,500 and are defined as ‘valuable’. Items we consider to be ‘valuable’ are as follows:

  • Clocks
  • Antiques
  • Stamp collections, coins and medals
  • Pictures, sculptures and other works of art
  • Gold, silver and other precious metals and stones

Please note that our insurer may require proof of valuation for items worth over £1,500 in the form of a purchase receipt within the first few weeks of your policy. This is to ensure that any claims you make are not unnecessarily delayed or rejected.

How do I amend any of my policies?

Should you wish to make an amendment to any of your existing policies with Insure4Retirement, please contact our customer service team on 0800 29 88 707 who will be happy to discuss any changes you may require. When making an amendment you will be advised of any changes to your policy terms, endorsements and premium if applicable, and may be subject to a £25 mid-term adjustment administration fee.

I have just bought a new mobile phone, is it now included in my home insurance policy?

Yes. If you have opted for Personal Belongings cover, your mobile phone will also be protected under this policy. However, it is worth noting that mobile phones used for business purposes will not be covered.

Are my contents also covered for business use?

To ensure you have the best cover possible, you will need to inform your insurer of any business equipment you own and would like to be included in your cover. Please note that there are limits to the highest amount of cover available.

Does the policy include new for old cover?

Yes. Your contents are covered on a replacement basis. This means that our insurers will replace your old items with new ones (where possible) without making any value deductions for depreciation. *This excludes clothes, linen and furs.

Are the contents stored in my outbuildings also covered?

Yes. Loss and damage to contents stored in an outbuilding can be protected up to 10% of your contents sum insured. For more information, please refer directly to your policy documentation.

Your Credit Agreement

Why do I need a credit agreement?

If you prefer to pay your insurance in monthly instalments, then you will require a credit facility to cover the cost for you so that you may pay on a monthly basis. If you have opted to pay your premium by monthly Direct Debit, PCL, the company providing the finance for your policy will send you a credit agreement. PCL require that all pay-monthly customers declare a signed document to confirm that you accept the terms and conditions of your credit agreement. You will therefore need to read, sign and return this credit agreement to PCL Please note that PCL has its own set of terms and conditions in relation to the monthly payment plan and you should therefore familiarise yourself with these when you receive your documents.

Who is Premium Credit Limited?

Premium Credit Limited (PCL) is Insure4Retirement’s chosen financial partner. They are specialist financiers in managing insurance premiums and high street store purchases. PCL cover insurance payments for all of our customers who opt to pay their premiums on a monthly basis through an agreed instalment scheme. For more information please visit http://www.premium-credit.co.uk/


What are the contact details for Premium Credit Ltd

If you would like to contact PCL you can do so by telephoning 0844 736 9836 or by mailing their head office at: Premium Credit Limited, Premium Credit House, 60 East Street, Epsom, Surrey, KT17 1HB.

What does the credit agreement look like?

Your credit agreement will arrive with a covering letter from Premium Credit Limited on a double-sided A4 document.

When will I receive the credit agreement?

Your credit agreement will be dispatched separately from your policy documents, usually within 2 – 4 weeks of your cover’s start date. However, if your policy is set up 4 weeks prior in advance to the start date of your insurance, your credit documents will not be sent out until 4 weeks before your cover starts.

Why do I need a signed credit agreement?

If you opt to pay via Direct Debit, Premium Credit Limited (PCL) will provide finance for your insurance premiums and collect payments on our behalf. PCL therefore requires signed confirmation of your agreed payment plan before assisting with your monthly payments.