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With Insure4Retirement you can cover your liability for accidental damage to your landlord’s property, its furniture, furnishings, fixtures and fittings. You also have the option to cover your own possessions (personal belongings that are owned by you and not the landlord). In addition this is a “portable” policy, so if you move to a new rental address, you can simply do a change of address and take it with you.

Under your tenancy agreement you will probably be responsible for any accidental damage you cause to any of the landlord’s fixtures and fittings. However, with Insure4Retirement our cover provides you with up to £5,000 of protection for any sums you are legally liable to pay as a tenant under a tenancy agreement in respect of accidental damage to your landlord’s fixtures, fittings, furniture and furnishings. This cover is especially relevant if the property you are renting is also furnished by your landlord.

In addition to this you can take out further cover to protect your own contents.

Some of the optional benefits available with Intasure are:

  • All the main perils such as fire, explosion, lightning, smoke, theft, storm, escape of water
  • Accidental damage to service pipes and service cables & audio and visual equipment
  • Loss or theft of keys
  • Personal Effects and Valuables
  • Public Liability cover
  • Policy is Portable

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