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Annual Policy

For life’s little adventures..

If you are planning on travelling more than once a year you may find that purchasing an Annual multi-trip travel insurance policy could be more cost-effective than buying individual single trip policies.

An Annual policy would provide you with travel insurance for the duration of your year-long policy, meaning you won’t need to seek individual insurance for each and every destination.

You would also have the option to cover your family on the same policy – saving you time, effort and potentially money.

You should be aware that we are currently only able to provide Annual cover if you are aged 75 and under. If you are older than 75, we would be happy to provide you with a quote for Single Trip.

The choice is yours

Every holiday is different, so you should be able to choose the levels of cover you need, and how much excess you want to pay. This is why we offer you the choice between our bronze, silver or gold policies which offer excesses ranging from £0 to £100

With the Gold cover provided by Beazley, you would benefit from having zero excess to pay – except if you were claiming for a Travel Dispute, which has a £35 excess.

Policy limits and exclusions may apply, please see policy wording for full terms and conditions

Why choose cover through our selected travel provider?

  • 24/7/ emergency claims service
  • All pre-existing medical conditions considered
  • Up to 93 days per trip (depending on age)
  • Unlimited number of trips in Europe and Worldwide
  • Cruise and winter sports cover available
  • Everyone insured under the policy can travel independently
  • The cover limits you receive are the same as the single trip policy

Pre-existing medical conditions

You would need to disclose any pre-existing medical conditions. We do consider all conditions, and we’ve tried our hardest to make the quotation process as smooth and unobtrusive as possible. If you find yourself in hospital abroad following an accident or a sudden turn in health your treatment could be extraordinarily expensive. Investing in a travel insurance policy would protect you against these unwanted costs.

If you get diagnosed with a condition that you didn’t have or weren’t aware of when you set up your annual policy you would need to give us a ring so we can amend your policy. It’s important that you do tell us otherwise your insurance may become invalid, meaning if you were to fall ill while abroad you could have to cover any medical bills yourself.

Purchase your insurance as early as you can

You shouldn’t leave it too late to purchase your insurance as you can’t predict when something unfortunate may happen that would result in you having to cancel your holiday.

Your cancellation cover would be in effect the moment your policy starts.

European Health Insurance Card EHIC

When travelling within the European Union you should always carry your EHIC card with you. It should help you to get reduced cost or even free medical attention, however it might not cover all of your care – and certainly wouldn’t cover the cost of repatriation if you needed to be flown back to the UK because of an accident or illness. The EHIC would entitle you to be treated in the same way as a local, so in countries where medical attention isn’t free, you would still incur the cost.

The European Health Insurance Card (or EHIC) is issued free of charge and allows anyone who is insured by or covered by a statutory social security scheme of the EEA countries and Switzerland to receive medical treatment in another member state free or at a reduced cost, if that treatment becomes necessary during your visit (for example, due to illness or an accident), or if you have a chronic pre-existing condition which requires care such as kidney dialysis. The term of validity of the card varies according to the issuing country.

You can apply for or renew a UK EHIC online before travelling at www.nhs.uk/ehic or call the NHS Business Services Authority on (+44) 300 330 1350

Frequently Asked Questions

How does annual travel insurance work?

An annual policy would benefit you if you go abroad multiple times a year. You simply have to select whether you want Worldwide or European only cover, and then you can relax knowing that your travel insurance can protect you over the whole year. 

Can I buy multiple travel insurance policies?

You can only have one travel insurance policy in your name at a time, however you are able to purchase multiple travel insurance policies to cover single trips throughout the year as long as they don’t overlap, as this would result in you being dual-insured.