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Cruise Cover

An extraordinary holiday needs more than ordinary cover

One of the main reasons Cruise holidays have become so popular is the opportunity to experience an array of destinations – without the hassle of arranging travel and accommodation separately for each destination.

Without a specific cruise cover you would have to individually insure each destination which is far less convenient than having them all included in one neat little package.

You need a specific cruise insurance that covers the wide array of activities, risks and locations that you’re not likely to require unless you are going on this type of holiday. You also need to consider your level of cancellation, as typically Cruise holidays are far more expensive than a standard holiday so you’d want to be fully compensated if you were unable to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need cruise travel insurance?

You will need to specify to your travel insurance provider that you are going on a Cruise as this would provide you with additional levels of cover that are specific to cruise holidays such as Missed Departure, Itinerary Changes, Unused Excursions and Cabin Confinement.

Cruise Specific Cover

While your travel insurance policy will come with all the usual areas of cover such as Medical Expenses cover, Cancellation & Baggage cover – A cruise policy can also protect you from the following;

Itinerary Changes

On rare occasions, cruise ship timetables may get disrupted which results in it missing a port. Although we can’t compensate for the disappointment you may feel if it resulted in you missing a destination you were looking forward to, but we are able to reimburse you financially.

Cruise Interruption

If your cruise gets interrupted because you need to visit the hospital when you reach dry land, we will cover the costs of getting you to the next port to resume your holiday. If your illness is related to a pre-existing medical condition you would need to have discussed this with us while arranging the insurance in order to be covered.

Cruise cover for Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Medical treatment abroad can end up costing a fortune. It’s always important to make sure you’re covered for medical costs and repatriation, even more so if you have a pre-existing condition. We know that it can be particularly difficult to find a reasonably priced travel insurance policy that covers your condition which is why we work with Just Travel Cover who specialise in providing travel insurance for those with medical conditions, with no upper age limits for single trips.

Missed port departure

We can’t make delays any less infuriating, but we can ensure you’d be compensated for your inconvenience if your journey gets disrupted by car troubles, public transport or severe motorway traffic and you miss your departure. We’ll also do our best to help get you to the next port to meet the ship so you can resume your voyage!

Unused Excursions

Illness can fall at any time without warning, so if you are taken ill and get confined to your cabin we will cover the cost of any pre-booked excursions you may have missed.

Cabin Confinement

If you’re feeling unwell and you are confined to your cabin for a duration of your cruise, we can reimburse you up to £150 per day with our gold cover for the lost period of your trip. The maximum you would be able to claim is £1500. If this does happen to you, it’s important that you notify the ships medical officer because we would not be able to verify or pay your claim without confirmation in writing from the on duty medical officer.

Purchase insurance for your holiday as early as you can

You shouldn’t leave it too late to purchase your insurance as you can’t predict when something unfortunate may happen that could result in you having to cancel your holiday. Cruise holidays are especially expensive so it’s important you get this cancellation cover in place to protect yourself.

If you opt for single trip cover, your cancellation cover will start the second you purchase the policy. We can cover cancellation up to £12,500

Policy limits and exclusions may apply, please see policy wording for full terms and conditions.